Upvc Cleaners & Restorers 

Not every upvc cleaning company cleans using the same products or methods as each other, some companys choose to just use soap and water with a brush. You can brush away the dust and the cobwebs even remove some green which is fine its done quick but in 3-4 weeks time the dust and cobwebs return, same with the green after a few months. Then there is another quick way by using a concentrated upvc cleaner and adding water to a bucket and using the brush to scrub the gutters, windows, doors and conservatory this method is much better than using just soap and water many of the concentrated upvc cleaning products has a re-growth prevention formula this option for cleaning your property upvc does remove the light grey ingrained upvc, all the green, cobwebs and dust of your upvc again this level of cleaning only lasts the customer 6-12 months again this is a very fast way of cleaning upvc this reflects in the quotes.

Premium Upvc Cleaning 

We offer a premium upvc cleaning service this a premium and i will tell you why, when upvc has not been properly maintained for many years its been battered and battered and the upvc natural protective barrier has been penetrated turning the frames from once looking the bling to faded, ingrained and badly scratched from window cleaners ladders and even cats or birds. A premium clean means restoring the plastics colour from dull to bright then hand scrubbing all the corners and sills buffering a resin upvc polisher which makes the frames come up like new. Last but just as important as stage one and two using a UV Nano protection coating specifically made for plastic is used by spraying the product on to your new frames and sills this beads the water and repels the dirt becoming your upvc guardian against the suns UV and becoming a self cleaning method for your upvc windows, gutters, doors and even conservatory this can take us a full day to do which we would have to quote accordingly for you can expect a ever lasting stay clean up to 4 years we can vouch for because this is how long we have been using this treatment for our Bury, Bolton & Rochdale customers and we call everyone back every 18 months time to see if they would use us again in a couple years time and the feedback we get is you done that a good of a job you guys have worked yourself's out of a job.


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